Thursday, January 22, 2009

Week One Winding Down

Folks, we are nearly one week into BTWG - congrats and back pats to us all. Today I had no food cravings of any sort BUT at 3:00 I was overwhelmed by this feeling of NEEDING to be at the beach. Instead, this photo taken in Orange Beach, AL will have to do...sigh.

I gave an especially hearty kudos to myself yesterday morning at 6am when I dragged myself from bed, dressed warmly, and took off on my aerobic workout on our rural Martinsville roads....I walked without any streetlights, without any idea if my feet were going to hit the numerous potholes on the road and turn my ankle like poor Sam's, and with an uneasy feeling as I crossed by a large field that coyotes were watching me from the brush and deciding if I constituted a meal they could "take down". I survived  the coyotes, the pot holes and the exertion BUT...

I need to rethink my morning aerobic plan because it just doesn't work well out here in nowhere land. So I threw out the question to the universe, "What to do?" and then driving home that day, the answer landed in my lap as they so often do when you are open to them.  My drive home from work in downtown Indy takes me right by a neighborhood that has miles of walking trails - cha-ching!  Jackpot. The new plan is to change into workout clothes after work, drive the car to their neighborhood, park outside someone's home and make them nervous, then run and walk their paved sidewalks. Back in the car...finish the drive home. Wallah!

I teach yoga tonight at Mallow Run Winery (oh, so sorry - I brought up wine and we can't have it!!  Trust me, every time my class goes into Child's Pose and their eyes are hidden from mine, my eyes sweep over all the wines out on display and I have to wipe my chin to remove the saliva before releasing them from the pose.)  That means strength and toning exercise for me when I get home around 8:15pm tonight...about the time my body starts thinking bedtime is looming. 

Still have to do my meditation tonight too...funny but when I did the meditation on Tuesday, I actually heard two different (more? Hold your Sybil comments.) voices in my head talking at the same time and I could hear each one plain as day. The one voice was counting from 1 to 10, just like Chris suggested in our manual. The other voice, equally as distinct, was saying all kinds of stuff: "How many minutes have gone by do you think? I really need to work on that corporate development plan this week. I wonder how many people will be at my Tuesday yoga class? At my Thursday one? I wonder what time it is now?  My back is a little achy sitting like this. Why does this meditation method require me to hold my arms out like I have an egg in each armpit? Armpit - now that's a funny word...." and so on. I'm not quite sure how multiple voices had equal presence in my head at the same time....and I'm not sure how to shut up the voices inclined to wander. Ah, it's only week one though. I'm just thrilled I actually sat still for 10 minutes with my eyes and mouth closed. My mother would never have believed it possible.

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday at Chris's yoga class.

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  1. You teach at Mallow Run! My husband and I have discussed going- I love Mallow Run...mmm wine...
    Hey I live in Center Grove near Mt Pleasant Church. You are welcome to park at our house and run the 'hood. It very safe- usually people out walking/running if the weather is even close to decent. We'll chat!
    See you Saturday!