Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quiche & hot tubbing in the snow

I was on the phone yesterday talking with a co-worker about nothing even closely related to eggs & cheese when it hit me....I smelled quiche, I could taste quiche. MUST HAVE QUICHE!  Odd to have something hit me like that, so aromatic, so delicious, and so nonexistent. I'm thinking I can chalk a portion of the craving up to "that time of the month" because this week, unlike last week, I WANT to eat stuff, anything, lots of it, barely even chew it.  So far, I'm resisting the urges pretty well.

Friday (tomorrow) will be a long one and I am going to have to fit my running/walking in during early morning hours before hitting the office. Not overly happy about that but it's worth it since in the evening, I am gathering with 3 dear friends to don bathing suits (YES, bathing suits) and scurry outside to the hot tub. Boil me like a potato - I can't wait!!!  Does boiling oneself in hot water burn more calories? Are there detoxifying benefits?

We've all agreed to have healthy snacks during our gathering to help me and my pal Linda (also a BTWG recruit) stay the course, but I admit -- I have not totally ruled out one glass of wine for myself, calories allowing by day's end.  I mean, come on - outdoor hot tub, lovely snowy landscape to behold,  4 middle-age-hotties bobbing about in their one-piece bathing suits, and no wine????  It's hard for me to picture my hand empty in that scenario since in the past it's never been.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at Alison's house this Saturday and at yoga Saturday morning. Until then, keep on keeping on.


  1. Sherri,
    Surely you deserve one little reward for getting through the week. I too am experiencing that time of the month, the start of a migraine and not wanting to exercise .... but I did it! We had a Zumba class at work tonight and even though I did not want to go, I did and I felt good afterwards. Although the migraine and cramps are coming back to the surface, overall I feel better! Wish I could jump in that hot tub too .... enjoy the night! Christine

  2. Hey Sherri, that sounds AWESOME! Drink some for me -- I am saving up the vino for my house closing (after all this stuff with inspections, mortgage, etc., I will need an IV drip!)
    See you Saturday?

  3. Is there room for one more in that middle age hot tub?

  4. OMG, nothing better than a hot tub in the snow. Enjoy your wine! I will treat myself to a glass tomorrow on my "free" day.