Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pizza isn't worth it

See this guy...does he remind you of times when eating too much, then slumping on the couch and holding your rumbling tummy to recover was common place? I had a brief flashback last night.

Ok...so after a stunning weigh-in on Monday morning (stunning in a fabulous sort of way, not the deer-in-the-headlights way), I got a little careless.

After carefully packing food to last me through another day that would begin early and not end until around 9pm when I got home, I had a brain fart. I walked out of the house that morning with only 1/2 of my food stash. 

NOT TO WORRY! At work, I have a reserve food stash and so the day - up until 5:00 - went well. That's when I trotted off to attend a volunteer meeting - again without my food - AND with my aerobic run still to be done post-meeting.  That's when the meeting organizer brought in Domino's Pizza for the committee. That's when my mind started rationalizing. That's when I realized I still had my running to do (and on an empty stomach!) so I could check off that damn box on the tracking sheet. 

THAT's WHEN I CAVED. Not once but twice. Gone was the cheese pizza slice (with the exception of the crust which I've never liked). Up came by body from its chair, that body that only that morning weighed in 5 pounds lighter than the previous Monday, and it glided back toward the pizza boxes.

After piece number 2 was swallowed, it started. First a tingle, then a constant churn.  

After a full week of healthy eating, my stomach and its sister acid rebelled against the invading Italian intruder.  I didn't feel so good suddenly - "Could it be the pizza," my mind questioned, "affecting me this quickly?"  My body answered the question with a response: "Hello, Einstein, of course it's the pizza. You are shocking your system with this crap after a week of feeding it high quality stuff. What else could it be? Up until cramming 2 slices into your piehole, you felt great. Now, you feel gross. Do the math."

AND SO, post volunteer meeting, I got into my car and marveled at how those 2 pizza slices were quickly making their way south to the intestinal track and producing some potent gas (yes, girls do fart), and I wondered how the heck I was going to run with this pressure in my stomach. I wanted to warn those running behind me to not run in my path or they might suddenly be gripped by a lack of oxygen.

BUT NO EXCUSES prevailed. I drove to the running track, got on my unfashionable running attire, and hit the track.  I was determined to exorcize (exercise?) those demon slices from my body!!  I had a good workout, even saw into an unexpected friend there, and felt much better as I drove myself home around 9pm as the snow started to fall.

Sadly, the effects of my decision to gobble up those 2 slices was reinforced for me again this morning (if you know what I mean). 

Trust me, folks -- fight the urge to indulge in those high-fat, low nutrient, stomach-churning comfort foods. What we are doing with our nutrient rich, controlled eating is soooo much better...although I must admit it was interesting to have a brief return to my old way of eating and not feeling well afterwards....and I didn't like it!!!


  1. Aw, poor thing. I hate that bloated feeling, ugh. Try thin crust next time.

    And brava for doing the run despite your twisted tummy!

  2. I will remember this story next time I feel the overwhelming urge to indulge in a giant burrito. Congrats on a great first week!

  3. Keep in mind that although you started to fall of the wagon, you caught yourself on the way down!
    Wonderful 1st week! Hope you have 11 more!

  4. Sherri:
    What a great post - I am still laughing as I write this! I think you have convinced me to stay the course - I already have enough gas! :)
    Seriously, you did great -- you did your run, you felt better and you are on your way! Yahoo!
    p.s. are you snowed yet?

  5. oops, I meant, snowed in yet?

  6. Thanks to each of you who commented on this particular blog. It really hit home for me, great lesson. And yes, we have snow here and ice - what a great combination because it means I can work from home tomorrow!!!!! If you have to get out in it, travel safe.