Saturday, July 4, 2009

New meaning for "interval training"

During the summer wellness session, I have redefined the meaning of "interval training".

Similar to our running intervals where we go all out for a time period, then back off for a time, my entire exercise program this summer has been about "intervals". One week I will be "on" and get in all my workouts or enough of them that I feel like I've given it my all. Then, the next week I find myself  doing 1 weight session full effort, 1 or 2 run/walk outings, teaching yoga a couple times, then doing a smattering of weight and abs here and there but in no real order or with focused intensity.

The same goes for keeping my journals and meditating....more miss than hit with these. Again, I am allowing work to be one of the reasons I've gotten off schedule.  Two incredibly busy weeks in June have now exploded into a busy July as work events get added and rescheduled.  This all said, I've been doing LOTS of thinking about work and what the future holds for me.  Seeing LOTS of opportunity and simply evaluating the details of each option right now...but they are all good. (Isn't everything really?)

Even though I've been more sporadic with fitness (AND I really need to work on getting more fruit in me!), I've maintained my weight since the first BTWG program ended. So, I am approaching this "lull" as a sort of maintenance period for me, knowing that increased and more focused exercise in the future will help me continue to gain health, firm up, and possibly lose a couple more pounds.

So, all this said, I'm not beating myself up because I am still operating by the most critical BTWG principles.  Hope you all are doing well.