Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So Far, So Good..but parts are Challenging!

Whew. Today's strength and  toning is done...my arms are trembling and my legs are wiggling under them. My gut doesn't seem to ache...yet.

And what's with the jump roping?  Does anyone else remember it being so taxing on the lungs and legs?  That was a real surprise. (AND, what's with this? I have never been a compulsive weigher but now I am fitting the urge to weigh myself...so far, I've resisted but ain't that weird, folks?!)

With the strength and toning exercises, I found that I was strong...but only for a small amount of time. Endurance is where I really need to focus my energies and attention. And especially on the ab area.

As for the eating adjustments, I'm not really eating anything that different than I normally would, but I am regulating portion size. Who knew that a serving of wheat penne pasta with organic tomato sauce should only take up 1/4 of your plate and NOT the entire plate. I almost cried at that poor little pile of pasta all by itself on that big plate.

My challenge for today, as BTWG recruit Kelly and I discussed yesterday as she attended my work's Day of Service project (thanks Kelly!), will be the meditation portion of today. Ten minutes of quiet and stillness shouldn't seem so daunting. In fact, I think I may have elected to blog at this very moment as a meditation avoidance technique. 

Aerobic work tomorrow could be tricky with lots of day and evening meetings...oh my, this might mean I have to get up pre-dawn to fit it in!!!  I CAN DO IT, with baggy eyes and crabby morning attitude running alongside me!  Estimated bedtime tonight: 8:30pm.


  1. I just use a smaller plate or put the pasta in a little bowl like a side dish.

  2. Sherry:
    Thanks for the great experience at ICAN - I am so glad we went! I am with you on that jump rope thing - lots of challenges! And I had a measly pasta portion tonight and thought the same thing -- is that it?
    Good luck getting aerobic in tomorrow - I think I will be on the early a.m. shift too!

  3. Sherri, I feel your pain. Actually I feel my OWN pain too. And I tripped over my jump rope about ten times and gave up after a couple of minutes. Hang in there - Terri