Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bring It On!

I said farewell today to dining out for the next 12 weeks since BTWG officially starts tomorrow. Of course, the way I said farewell was by dining out at lunch today. How screwball is that reasoning. 

Although I said "No" to  cheese, sour cream, and meat on my burrito and went veggie only, when I looked up the nutrition value of that darn thing just a moment ago the total calorie amount was 920!!!!!  YIKES (and yes, I ate it all).  Hope this lesson learned will come to mind often when I feel the temptation to dine out here and there. I know it's coming to mind now thanks to a few gastrointestinal comments about my choice of hot salsa.

This morning (pre-big-ass-burrito) I went to Chris's strength and toning demonstration and I found those darn bands more challenging than anticipated. But it was also invigorating and exciting and being a part of the community with everyone at Cityoga was great, especially seeing those folks I met at the initial training session. After the banding session, I was off to work for a few hours to "catch up " on things, then to the yoga class I teach. Just arrived home and I am whooped. Running a hot bath as I type right now, then off to bed - estimated time of shuteye 9:00pm!

Thinking about the aerobic part of our training and how my runs/walks could be interesting since I live south of Indy, right where the hills start. Our road is all hills....hmmm. I complain about so much of Indiana being flat as a pancake (or a flour tortilla) and now I am really wishing I lived in a flat area!  

I expect a rather hectic workweek with a large grant due, a co-worker returning from medical leave and needing to be brought back up to speed, a Day of Service event that the nonprofit I work for is holding on Monday,  a sponsor open house on Wednesday, meetings every day, teaching 3 yoga classes a week, blah, blah, blah. Already the challenge of putting my wellness first, of fitting my wellness commitment into this crazy schedule, is being tested.

So, it's affirmation time: starting tomorrow I will eat well, I will track my nutritional intake, I will rate my hunger level pre and post, I will be mindful of why I am wanting to eat, I will not beat myself up if I stumble but will pick myself up and keep on keeping on, and I WILL leave work no later than 5:00 so I can get home and get in my aerobic workout per the Level I training specifics. NO EXCUSES...and NO BURRITOS!



  1. Have a great week Sherri- I know the challenges seemed to have come up like oncoming traffic since The Project became offical. Remember why you started the process in the first place- a better you. Stay strong!

  2. Thanks, Patti! My goal is to stay strong, and stay Burrito-Free!