Friday, January 16, 2009

Me? Blogging? Soup recipe to follow!

Oh, my...I'm officially a "blogger" now, aren't I?  To blog, blogging, to be blogged at, blogable -- I don't know what to think of this sudden entrance into the world of technology.  As someone who just mastered using my cell phone to send text messages (and grudgingly so), this blog "thang" has me all in a tizzy.

But here I am, so here goes. 

The New Year has brought with it a new challenge and opportunity (actual several) as I embark upon putting my health and well being at the top of my priority scale. Physically, the middle age squidgies had crept up on me (let me rephrase that: I allowed the middle age squidgies to creep up on me. Accountability, you know.). Amazing how your physical well being has the ability to color the rest of your life and what you do with it.  Even more amazing is how reaching middle age brings with it this realization that the second half of your life has arrived. The second half of life?  I'm forty-what? 

Yes, you realize that you are now that age when - as a child - you thought people had one foot in the grave with the other foot lifting up to join it. But truth be told, I don't mind getting older; it makes me look back on past experiences and understand their relevance since those experiences made me who I am today, and  getting older makes me really give thought to how the remainder of my life can be lived more fully.

SO, through the BTWG program I am well on my way. I'm already finding myself becoming more aware of my habits, not just of the action itself but of the mind and emotion that so often drive the actions, and it's fascinating (and scary and sad and amazing and...) to actually listen to yourself!

AND guess what? I actually called a friend who runs and asked if we could go running tomorrow!  Me running!! Who would have ever thought...

Looking forward to seeing everyone in BTWG more over the next months. Check back later for a great tasting healthy and low calorie soup recipe I'll post....Mushroom with Barley and Spinach.  Mmmmm.......

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  1. Dear Sherri,
    You are ON YOUR WAY! What beautiful words you have carefully chosen:
    - aware
    - listen
    - amazing
    strong stuff, that you are building your success upon.

    john s.