Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something to look forward to

I am so excited for you because you have something very special to look forward to. Something that will take place without you realizing it, and then when it does hit you upside the head, you will marvel at your good fortune.

It's the friendships that you will make during the 12-week-program. And my dear pal Kelly Rota-Autry reminded me of this yesterday when she shared her new blog address with me. Simple enough, right, all she did was share a blog address?  Reading her new blog reminded me of how much I loved reading her old blog when she and I were BTWG recruits....and it reminded me how our friendship developed over the course of BTWG...first, at the fitness test where my view during the 1-one test run was Kelly's backside as she paced us, later as we analyzed what we shared on our blogs and challenged ourselves to view things differently. The friendship grew stronger during the mid-point of the program as we encouraged one another through unforeseen food, work, family and workout challenges, until it arrived at what it is today - a full-fledged friendship that will last a lifetime, based on acceptance, wellness, respectful candidness, and appreciation of each other's quirks, talents, and opportunities for improvement. Good stuff....all because we signed up to participate in this one little program called BTWG. Ain't life funny bringing together two Jersey girls who ended up in the midwest?

Blog on, people!    (PS - Kelly's new blog address is )

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