Monday, January 31, 2011

Beware the Snow/Ice Storm

Everyone, repeat after me (because I still have to repeat these things to myself when bad weather is predicted):

1) a snow/ice storm that will last 2-4 days does NOT mean I have to shop Kroger/Marsh/Meijer/Walmart as if doomsday has arrived.  There is no chance of starvation.

2) during a power outage, a snow/ice storm may gang up with my now-full refrigerator and try to convince me that I should eat, eat, eat because there's nothing else to do! Resist listening to their chatter! Find something else to do.

3) a snow/ice storm that knocks out my power and prevents me from watching mindless TV or spending endless time on Facebook ALLOWS me the opportunity to work on my meditation and to appreciate the deafening loudness of silence.

4) a snow/ice storm that prevents me from driving in to work and keeps me homebound (whoo hoo) ALLOWS me the opportunity to do something new and creative with part of my day, and to NOT just fall into the usual routines of cleaning up, snacking, etc. Read a book, draw a picture, peruse recipe books for healthy options, make a snow angel or a snowperson, shovel a neighbor's walkway, watch your kids or dog frolic in the snow, take a nap, paint your toenails, whatever.

5) a snow/ice storm will NOT prevent me from working out my body at home...yes, shoveling counts but watch your back!

6) a snow/ice storm ALLOWS me the opportunity to see and hear the beauty of winter - glistening snow and crystal ice that makes tree branches clatter in the wind.

7) a snow/ice storm gives me reason to look forward to spring!


  1. I am so glad you are home and safe, my friend!

  2. Preach on, my friend!! I can't wait to see the glistening trees tomorrow. That always amazed me as a child . . . and I guess continues to do so. I guess I just might be a "big girl" tomorrow and shovel the driveway. Then my hubby can pull kid duty. SWEET!! ;-)

  3. I love this, Sherri! I just posted something like-minded! And after doing a great home-yoga class, I am now going to read a chunk of a book, and play some guitar!

    Miss you, ya' bad-ass!

  4. I opted for the latter suggestion in Step #4 - my toenails have never looked so good ; )

    All kidding aside - great suggestions!