Monday, May 4, 2009

Off to the condo this Friday

Hey Everyone,

For the past 2 weeks, I experimented with NOT keeping a food log but instead mentally tallying up calories vs. activity. Pleased to say that I was able to maintain my weight, despite some food choices that weren't ideal here and there. Still worked out but not as hard as during the 12-week program. Sorta felt like a slacker, but really enjoyed NOT having the "structure" in terms of logging food/exercise for a couple weeks. It's funny -- I pretty much continued the BTWG program these past 2 weeks without the logging and felt soooooo much more relaxed about it all....showed me that I was self-imposing some pressure on myself during the 12 weeks. Not necessarily bad pressure, just pressure.

And I anticipate some of that self-pressure will come back with our summer school program -- although so far (Day 1) it hasn't.

I had a hard decision to make recently with regard to my "free time" of which I had NONE and was feeling it big time. So, after a few weeks of pondering my options, I gave up teaching yoga on Sundays.  This was my first Sunday not teaching and I felt reborn by the gift of this extra time now added to my schedule.  Talk about listening to what your heart is saying and then realizing that you did exactly what was right for you - what a great feeling.  

So, summer program they are:
1) tone up that midsection more; while I've lost some jiggle in the tummy, I still have some shake going on mid-section that I'd love to see firm up
2) continue running and increasing distance, and continue to grow my appreciation of it
3) really throw myself more into the meditation practice and just surrender to it
4) affirmations....I've always been a person who self-affirms naturally, but now I want to affirm some very specific thoughts/goals and see where those leads me
5) to continue to realize that taking time for myself and slowing down now and then is part of the self-care I deserve and need, WHICH leads me to.....

I AM GOING TO THE BEACH THIS FRIDAY for 8 days!! Yes, down to our condo in Orange Beach, AL where I can sit on our terrace and stare at the ocean, feel sand between my toes, and let it all go. (Shameless plug: condo is available for rent! Check it out at, click on virtual tour, then unit 204)  My biggest quandary about this trip is this: 1) do I take my little dog Tucker with me?  I think the answer is leaning to "no" since, dear as he is to me, he does require energy and my goal is to recharge while down there.

I just can't wait to be there!!!  But for now, I have to go to's past my bedtime!


  1. Sherri:
    So glad to hear you are releasing some of that pressure on yourself! I hope you are truly sunswept and sandswept next week!

  2. Way to take time for yourself! Have a great time on vacation! Mmmm...sand...sun!
    Yes, we need to get together and "hit" the town! Dave loved yoga outside last night- said it was awesome!