Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hello everyone. Get your envy out of your system when I share that I AM AT THE BEACH!!! Yes, staring at the ocean right now from my kitchen table where I type. now that your envy has dissipated, let mine rear its ugly head.

I am envious of all of you folks who committed to the the summer program and who entered Week 1 full throttle and gave it your all and have aching butt muscles to prove it.  I, on the other hand, am feeling very fortunate that Chris did not base entry into this summer program per this last week's performance...if he did, I would have received a big old F ! Well, maybe not an F but definitely a D.  During Week 1, in preparation for vacation (getting work and home where it all needed to be before I left), I did a greatly reduced workout routine, and my eating, while nutritious, was definitely higher in calorie totals than it should have been. 

So, that's the not so great news. BUT the good news (as there always is) is that I am now on vacation with very little garbage floating about inside my head regarding work/home commitments so I am really able to enjoy myself!!!!  Just me down here - no dogs to feed, cats to stroke, no to-do list for home, and I am only checking in with work a couple  times....PERFECT!  Weather has been a nice mixture of sun and some clouds...temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. I will begin the 12-1/2 hour drive home on Sunday.

Went to a great pilates class on Tuesday and plan to visit this teacher again on Thursday. Went into the Orange Beach rec center's weight room and refused to be intimidated by all the late 1980's clunky weight equipment. I did spend about 30 minutes too much time in the sun yesterday so I have some sunburn that's a little achy - oh, except for my face which I lathered in 70 sunscreen so now I have this bi-racial color thing going on. Collarbones up = pale. Collarbones down = red.  Sorta funny looking.

As for running, there's a lovely paved running trail through the backwoods about a mile from shore...the path is about 7 miles long all told. I'm used to having to watch for snakes and alligators while on this trail - but OH MY, those two things are nothing compared to the biting flies who followed me for 3 miles, nipping at my sweaty, tasty flesh!  Good God, talk about imparting a sting....and talk about a way to make you run FASTER!  I could have even given Chris and Rob a run for their money with those damn flies biting my neck, legs and ass! 

I immediately went to the store and bought some Xtreme Sportsman bug spray, supposedly organic, but I still get a little nervous when a back panel reads :  "This product has not been registered by the US EPA. This product qualifies for exemption from regulation LOTS-O-NUMBERS and because it is a minimum pesticide."  A minimum pesticide I am going to coat myself with. It goes on to say that it won't harm plastics or nylon products....well, thank God for that. It might change my DNA but your running shorts won't discolor.

The ocean is a bit angry today. I am going out to walk the beach and see what wonderful treasures have been carried to shore. 


  1. Sherri,

    Your vacation sounds lovely and so well deserved. Before you beat yourself up too badly about Week 1 of Summer School... let me let you in on a confession. My first week of summer school was a total disaster. I just could NOT get with the program, having come off of the mini marathon and all the training proceeding it. I just wanted to rebel from the schedule. And counting calories?? Well, it is week two and I am still rebelling. But, I am back on the work outs this week and I am at least listing all my food intake. I am getting back in the groove. Just so you know, when I did this program the first time, I went on a 10 day Cruise between week 2 and 3 and totally fell off the bandwagon. But when I returned, I just got back on track and lost ALL those 22 or so lbs in the next 9 weeks. You still have much time to make much progress. Never fear. So please, enjoy your time away. It is as ever so important as doing a weight work out. Alison

  2. ah, I can hear the waves and smell the salt -- and swat the pests! :) so glad you are TRULY resting/relaxing/being!