Monday, April 13, 2009

Making Peace with Fitting Room Mirrors

What kind of sick person would ever design the mirrors of distortion found in department store fitting rooms, I used to think?  And worse yet, how dare they pair that mirror with overhead fluorescent lighting that accentuates cellulite and every mound of flesh?

Alas, the mirror was not distorted. 'Twas me all those times before -- pale and lumpy and in sad need of matching bras and undies, cursing the image in the mirror without acknowledging the "self" staring back at me. No wonder shopping was no fun...between looking at your lumpy body when naked and THEN stuffing yourself into pants off the rack like you shove sausage into its casing, how could it be fun!

Today I went shopping to find a new pair of pants to wear to a special meeting I have tomorrow. Two pants sizes down after BTWG (CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT!) and there was a new person looking back at me from that mirror, still looking a tad jaundiced in that fluorescent lighting, but definitely fitter and smoother.   I found a pair of pants that I adored and that fit me perfectly....THEN, (call me cocky) since I plan to try and drop about 10 more pounds during the summer BTWG program, I bought another pair of the same pants - ANOTHER size smaller!  

And while all this was visually exhilarating, I continue to be fascinated by how exhilarating it is - even when you close your eyes to the physical changes - to recognize you are moving forward each moment toward improved wellness. Congrats to everyone in the program and I look forward to seeing many of you in the summer program.

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  1. All I want to know is, where did you find pants that you adored? All the pants I own are flesh-eating scraps of saggy twill.