Sunday, February 15, 2009

Well, I not only fell off the wagon a couple days this week, but I damn near got run over by it too.

And, I have only to go to the mirror to find the culprit who was driving the out-of-control rig.

My exercising this week was fine, but my eating! OH MY GOD, my eating!  How can this happen when the first 3 weeks I stayed the course pretty well?

Word of warning: NEVER, EVER make your famous coffee-chocolate chip cookies (or whatever you are known for in the kitchen) when you are in wellness mode -- you end up sampling the entire batch to ensure its quality.  Weird thing is that sweets have never been my big attraction - although this week they were!

Recovery week seemed to start okay, but as the week came to a close all my good food stashes dried up in the house and office. That would be Clue #1 that I ignored.  Then, I went to a Valentine's Day dinner at the local winery, a lovely madrigal dinner....I didn't eat too poorly there BUT I drank two glasses of wine, the sweet grapey kind, not the dry, less sugary kind.  Oh, they were delicious. BUT......

....somehow I think that sugary nectar turned on my "must-have-sugar" switch!  That's when the mass consumption of cookies began.

After yoga tonight, I am going by the store to stock up on healthy foods again and am going to recommit to the program eating guidelines for the week.  HOLD ME TO IT, FOLKS!


  1. Hi Sherri-
    I struggled this week too while traveling and I was stressed out about it. My husband made a good point in that everyday I am learning how to handle new situations, new enviornments and it will not always be perfect- but I am learning and I will do better next time. So grab your boot straps and dust yourself off, you are going to be OK. It's Month 2 honey, we've got some @$$ to kick!
    That puppy video still cracks my up!

  2. Sherri!
    I so agree with Patti - it's about the learning -- and the unlearning -- we are all doing these days... And I think you are bravely learning so much! I can't even imagine making C.C. cookies right now -- they are my absolute favorite! :)
    I am here if you need a downtown or after work partner this week! :) Kelly

  3. Sherri, as I read everyone's blog and Chris' honeymoon stage tip, I think the temptations of the week are all part of our growth. My thing is Dim Sum. My sweet husband left Valentine's day up to me and that is what I chose. I guessed I ate more than half my daily calorie allotment, but it might have been more. But it was so wonderful. I enjoyed it all the more for knowing that I was mindful that this really is a treat and I am okay with that. Your attitude toward what you felt was your fall is what is showing how much you're growing.On to Month 2!