Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ok, so I have your attention now.....

A lady I know has a friend, Scott Barnes, who she says is an amazing photographer. He's currently working on a series called Habits of Male Primates. It is a series of photos of guys doing everyday activities, 

but in the nude. Yep, in the buff. Doing the full monty. Letting it all hang out.

He's looking for four more men plus a male yoga instructor (hmmmm...who could that be??) to be photographed in the warrior position, nude.  Not sure if this is Warrior I or Warrior II or Warrior 3...the type of Warrior, I realize, could influence your decision to participate.

My friend assures me that the photographer is an artist, so his nude photos are done very tastefully. And I quote her when she says, "This is in no way pornography, rather it is a celebration of the beauty of the human body."

So, if you want to celebrate the beauty of your human body, his phone number is: 317-446-9359.


  1. Haha, Sherri. If you are nominating me, we will have to keep looking. My "privates" are gonna stay just that... private! : ) Though it does sound like a very cool project and I'd be interested in seeing what he creates. Chuck Crosby might be interested. He did a calendar last year that was pretty darn "revealing"!


  2. Come on, Chris! This could be the big break you've been looking for! ;o)