Sunday, February 1, 2009

Head Tilt?

Odd question to pose but....does anyone else ever find that during meditation his or her head starts to lean more prominently to one side than the other?  About 5 minutes into any meditation session and I gradually become aware that my head has tilted with my right ear moving toward my right shoulder. I return it to center and then, wallah, it's leaning again like the tower of Pisa toward that right shoulder.  What's with that???  

Is this because it's the side of my body that had the most trauma over the years, a broken clavicle and nerve damage in the right arm and right side of my shoulder? Sciatica issues several years ago?  

Any ideas?  

I end up feeling a little crooked by the end of the session.   Sidenote: Very cool happening down here in rural Martinsville area while meditating tonight. Every so often the hoo-hoo-hooooo of an owl could be heard...always the same pitch, the same length of sound.


  1. My head tends to drop forward a bit, but not a problem really. The problem I have is holding my arms with the egg in the armpit. I'm running out of eggs.

  2. I know the right tilt couldn't be your political leanings so it must be the past injuries. :)